Working experiencebari

Behind made by mij is Bari.

For 20 years I have designed and created furniture, I have built interiors and I have done all kinds of joinery.

For 10 years I worked in Germany for private persons, interior designers and developers. In 2003 I looked for a new challenge and I (together with my family) resided in the neighbourhood of Amsterdam.

Here I developed my passion for craftsmanship and design even more through assignments from private persons and through various projects.


Starting points

Over the years I have developed a number of strong points and they have come together harmoniously in made by mij:

.    feeling for space

.    an eye for the possibilities of a space

.    knowledge of materials

.    attention for the customer and his/her wishes

.    focus on the balance between form and function

.    skill to translate vision into striking advice

.    custom-made products

.    ability to work fast, efficiently and accurately

.    striving for perfection

Stick and rope 2013.